Get ready for a new short short film, in the style of works by Edgar Allen Poe! Coming January 2011!
Yeah, did you know we have a YouTube channel? So far, there's mostly crap on it, but it's gonna be a lot better with Stalker and then the next big movie, Wraith, being available. 
Anyway, the channel is found by clicking here.
Actually, it's been done for almost a month. We're just waiting for the spooky season to come into full swing for filming - that's in under two weeks, so get ready!
This is the tough part: practically two dozen characters, and only 4.2 actors. The uploaded list is actually pretty old. There's lots of new additions, edits, and removals.
Writing a script is no easy task. We have to look at the logical side of things. How can we do this? Do we have enough money, special effects software, and government permits to do this? It requires thinking and common sense.